Local Services

Kerry has a highly professional service industry providing all forms of accommodation from 5 star luxury hotels to budget friendly holiday homes. Catering companies can provide breakfast, lunch & dinner options wherever they are needed while Kerry Broadband can provide high speed broadband access to remote locations.

Luxury coach hire company, Kerry Coaches, are experienced in moving crew & cast to and from location in a comfortable & efficient manner having worked with Star Wars and Yorgos Lanthimos' “The Lobster”. They have one of the most modern fleets of luxury vehicles in the country & continue to add new vehicles from Mercedes Benz saloon cars to high-end touring coaches each year.

Kerry Aqua Terra Ltd. are skilled marine operators that run a number of licensed and insured high speed passenger boats suitable for camera work and carrying cargo to islands. They are experienced in running both camera & safety boats and have ribs, dinghies and fishing boats for hire. Their skippers are highly qualified with years of military and Search & Rescue experience. Divers and safety swimmers are available. Kerry Aqua Terra provide a large private harbour-adjacent warehouse and storage grounds and offer large space for trucks, equipment setup and Helicopter landing site.

Work at Height work internationally on large budget film productions. They have run logistics, set construction and Health & Safety for “Star Wars : The Force Awakens”, “Star Wars : The Last Jedi” and most recently for “Mission Impossible 6”. They are trusted by the largest production companies in the world & pride themselves on providing effective solutions on location.

Kerry Convention Bureau are hugely experienced at accommodating large groups in the county. They are connected to high-quality service providers throughout the area and can provide a broad-ranging service in putting together an accommodation, transport and catering package where-ever needed.

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